Sorry... We do not rebuild Lithium Batteries at this time.

We are an American born and an American owned Family Business. Great Lakes Batteries LLC can rebuild your battery packs to original specifications or even better than it was when it was new.

“The advantage of rebuilding your battery pack versus buying a new battery is that, typically, it will be more powerful and recharge more times than a new one and cost less to rebuild.”
We will rebuild your NiCd batteries with 2100 mAh cells and your NiMH with 3800 mAh cells. Other rebuilds are available upon request.

Great Lakes Batteries LLC offers all types of batteries; auto, scooter, cell phone, hearing aid and many more. Please call or email for pricing and please remember to give us all the information available for the battery you are inquiring about. Example - CR2430 Lithium Button Cell.


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